Author: Dianne Edwards

Why you should have a newsletter?

NEWSLETTERS Do you want a newsletter for your business and don’t know where to start. As you probably know I LOVE designing and compiling newsletters. Newsletters are important for your business for the following reasons: 1. IT’S A REMINDER It’s

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Is September the new January?

I know that January has always been the popular time to set goals and resolutions but as summer finishes and the school year gets going it is the ideal time to start afresh!!! We have been programmed since we started

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Benefits of Newsletters

Newsletter ideas

        1.  Engage with your contacts It’s a great way of engaging with your contacts. It is important to have good branding so that your contacts can easily recognise you. 2.  It’s simple Anyone can send a

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Is your newsletter working for you?

Email Marketing

Is your newsletter working for you? How do you make sure your newsletters are read? Do you find you aren’t getting enough ‘opens’? 1. Keep it simple and strong. You have a very short time to get your subscribers’ attention.

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Is your Website Up-to-Date?

Virtual Assistant

How often do you look at your website and think it really needs updating but I just don’t have the time? Updating your website is vital to the credibility of your business and the performance of the site itself. I

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Would you like to attract clients through making a special offer?

Would you like to attract clients through making a special offer? Clients are always attracted by a free or special offer. If you are prepared to offer your clients a free session, free consultation, free workshop, free taster, they will then

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Have you thought about the benefits of Webinars?

Webinars are good for your business for several reasons:   When you schedule a Webinar there is a sense of attending a special event based around the ideas, value and information you will be offering. Webinars attract attention and make

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Can a Virtual Assistant Help You?

    What is a Virtual Assistant? Well, a Virtual Assistant is someone who carries out administration, technical or project based work assignments on a contractual basis. They can either work for you on: a one-off job regularly or be

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I have been enjoying several weeks holiday in the South of France.           It is good to relax and have time to reassess future business plans and put everything in place for the new ‘term’ in

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Social Media when setting up in business

When starting your business its important to put your Social Media in place to promote your business. To get started the best way is to: Start out with writing a blog which is  fun, an excellent way to send traffic to

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