Benefits of Newsletters






1.  Engage with your contacts

It’s a great way of engaging with your contacts. It is important to have good branding so that your contacts can easily recognise you.

2.  It’s simple

Anyone can send a newsletter at any time.

3.  Low Cost

It’s low cost especially compared with the cost of sending printed newsletters by post. In addition it supports the green issue and it’s paperless.

4.  Easy to track

Through email marketing providers’ analytics, it is easy to find out who read, unsubscribed, clicked through on your message and those that have bounced.

5.  Opt-in or Unsubscribe Options

You know that contacts can opt-out if they don’t want to receive your newsletter.

6.  Fast Response

We all know that the post is slow and expensive. Through email marketing, however, you can get a response between 1-3 days.

7.  International

Can reach people wherever they are in the World.

8.  Highly Personal

Allows you to personally greet your contacts. It is also possible to segment your lists to target the type of audience you want.

9.  Interactive

You can make campaigns using videos, graphics, music, quizzes – anything to draw your audience in.

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