Virtual Assistance

Dianne Edwards

Dianne Edwards



I can provide high quality virtual business support without the hassle of employing staff.



In other words:-

1. What are five tasks do you do regularly that you don’t enjoy or that have become a drain on your valuable time.

2. What is an hour of your time worth to your business?

3. Will help with any of the following help you to further your business?

  • social media from putting on your special offers, posting updates, developing a strategy, adding a newsletter sign up form
  • newsletters in Mailchimp, AWeber or Constant Contact on your behalf, update your list of contacts and produce a report
  •  update your website and add new wording
  • setting up a sales page and webinar
  • setting up landing pages through Leadpages and connecting to your email marketing platform.

4. Are you finding that you are increasingly working long hours and suffer from distractions and interruptions which prevent you getting everything done on a daily basis

By delegating these tasks to me you’ll start to notice how you can start to achieve the important results to enable your business to thrive.