Is your newsletter working for you?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Is your newsletter working for you?
How do you make sure your newsletters are read?
Do you find you aren’t getting enough ‘opens’?

1. Keep it simple and strong.
You have a very short time to get your subscribers’ attention. So keep your message simple with powerful content and don’t put in any difficult words or jargon.

2. Make your message scannable.
Nobody has time or wants to read complicated script.



  • make it to the point
  • use punchy sub-headings
  • include bulleted lists and
  • use small bits of information so that it can be read quickly.

3. Focus on the benefits to your reader.
Not on you and your company.

4. Ensure you follow through on your subject.
Otherwise your readers will feel cheated.

5. Get to know your target market.
Then you can direct your content to their needs. Relevant information is so important.

6. Include Calls to Action.
Such as “buy now”, “call me now'” or “sign up today'” so that your subscribers are left in no doubt what to do.

7. Little and often 
is better than sending an infrequent long newsletter!

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