Success Stories


Dianne is a joy to work with. Always super-responsive, very reliable, with great attention to detail and thinking ahead to ensure the smooth running of things.

You do such amazing work for us, I do hope you know how much it is appreciated by everyone!

Liz Murphy  Sept 2020


Dianne Edwards has become a huge asset to the UK Values Alliance, we have come to rely on her greatly for all our administration needs.  She is extremely efficient and reliable and always available.  She manages our emails, newsletters, membership administration, website updates and social media. Dianne is not just a virtual assistant, she is a valued member of our team, who has played an essential part in contributing to the success of our World Values Day project this year.  I highly recommend her services.

Charles Fowler,  Steering Group Member, UK Values Alliance Nov 2016


“Dianne is a fantastic VA and keeps things running smoothly in my business, doing all the things I don’t have time to do. She’s extremely proficient in producing newsletters, setting up landing pages and using social media for promoting events, She’s been a great support when I’ve run training courses and always has good, helpful ideas for making life easier. Thank you Dianne.”

Lindsay West 9.7.15


Tweet from Lindsay West @de_40 fab virtual assistant, great support with my webinar, so patient and knowledgeable, couldn’t have done it without you! 24.4.15


Just had my business card database from Dianne Edwards, the VA in our Radlett group and its brilliant! So much easier than a box of mixed up cards and forever having to hunt through them for the details of people. Thank you so much Dianne, I can highly recommend you to anyone.
I would also add that Dianne did a job for a neighbour of mine a few weeks ago – it was one of those ‘scream, panic, I need it yesterday’ type of jobs and she called me looking for a referral to someone who could cope with it. I gave her Dianne’s details and she did the work the same day and my neighbour was SO grateful and so pleased with the work.
So, if you need office assistance, Dianne is your lady!

Yvonne White, White Gold Images


Big thanks to Dianne Edwards who has been working on setting up a Mailchimp account for me. It is going well and I’m loving the look of my new emails. Will be doing the first big email out to all my past customers on my database in September. Would recommend you look at setting this up with Dianne if you haven’t already done so.

Wendy Boast, Visit Peaks

If you haven’t set up a newsletter yet to mail to your customers and contacts do consider Dianne Edwards services. I’ve just had my first booking directly as a result of the newsletter set up by Dianne using Mail Chimp. You get some great statistics with Mail Chimp too and I can say it really helps to focus on the key contacts and on building a good clean mailing list. It has also taken the hassle away from my desk as Dianne is keeping the list up to date as unsubscribers come in and we will be working on the next newsletter in the New Year. It is so great to have Athena business ladies to work with.

Wendy Boast, Visit Peaks 23.10.13

Thank you Dianne Edwards for creating another newsletter for me – I’ve had email responses to say how great the newsletter is. Dianne created the newsletter wording herself and I just added a few extra bits on.

Rakhee Shah, Have a Massage 6.12.13

Thank you Dianne Edwards for creating another newsletter for me – I’ve had email responses to say how great the newsletter is. Dianne created the newsletter wording herself and I just added a few extra bits on 

Rakee Shah, Fertility, Bump & Beyond, 4.4.14

I came across Dianne through the Athena Network as we are both a member of the Radlett Grp. I was recommended I get in touch with Dianne by the regional director as someone who would be a good contact for me and my work.  I had a chat with Dianne who I found to be kind, caring and extremely professional too. I had started doing a newsletter for my business because I was told I should but had no idea how to do it properly.  I gave Dianne the details of what I wanted on the newsletter and she was really good about it and made sure it all looked okay before being sent out.  Dianne has since then been creating my monthly newsletters for me and its been really beneficial.

Recently, I started up a new business for which I wanted to run a webinar (something I have never done). The thought must have come at the right time because fortunately for me Dianne was looking to go on ‘How to run webinars’ course.  I have to admit Dianne has been an absolute god send for me in helping me set up my webinar and even sat through the trial run.  Dianne has definitely gone above and beyond what I had expected of her including the numerous late nights of messages being pinged back and forth.  Her professionalism has been superb and she is just so helpful (making sure everything looks good and is running well too).  I would highly recommend Dianne anyday for anyone looking for a VA and I have to admit it has helped make my life easier than it was.  It is definitely money well spent.

Rakhee Shah, Fertility, Bump and Beyond (

Wendy Capewell – Counsellor & Psychotherapist 

‘Before working with Dianne, I felt frustrated as I had so much to do, and had been putting off doing things, as I just didn’t seem to have the time, and didn’t get around to doing them. Dianne made it so easy. I just let her know what I needed doing – and she did it! Quickly, efficiently, and no fuss. I feel more organised now, and able to concentrate on my business, knowing that I can pass those admin jobs I can’t fit, over to her.’

Roz Lishak, The Networking Chameleon, 24.7.14

“When I was approached to present a series of webinars, I turned to Dianne Edwards, who without hesitation and with a calm and reassuring approach, talked me through the process, set up the online info for this to happen, broke every important detail down into a very clear and easy to follow “to do” list.

From planning to presentation, Dianne was there to hold my technical hand, and quite frankly, I would not have had the wonderful feedback myself without her patience, expertise and attention to detail.

Thank you for your invaluable input, and for anyone stepping into this line of business presentation, I would not hesitate to recommend a meeting and more with Dianne”

I needed to find someone who would understand my work and the needs for my business.


Lauren Rosenberg 9.11.14

Dianne is the right person definitely. She has been an  absolute godsend for me in helping me setting up my Facebook tips and newsletter and website content.  Dianne has definitely gone above and beyond what I had expected of her she even noticed other people s mistakes or work not done.


Her professionalism has been fantastic, she is so easy to work with and she is always available on the phone or online.  I can only highly recommend Dianne to anyone who needs that extra help and peace of mind that the work is done. It is definitely the best investment I ever made in my business.




Testimonial from Goodwyn School

Mrs Dianne Edwards worked at Goodwyn School from 1997 – 2012.

She was always thoroughly reliable, trustworthy, and efficient and had a very good relationship with the staff, parents and children. She also looked after the peripatetic music teachers, which involved preparing timetables and saw that all ran smoothly. Dianne was calm in a crisis and good at smoothing a situation especially when a parent was anxious.

Dianne was involved in all the administration of a school office, which would include putting systems into place and keeping them updated. She was also responsible for  checking the school database and website and updating them when needed. She also dealt with general correspondence, mailouts and the monthly newsletter.


Mr S.W. E. Robertson

Goodwyn School Mill Hill London