Have you thought about the benefits of Webinars?



Webinars are good for your business for several reasons:


When you schedule a Webinar there is a sense of attending a special event based around the ideas, value and information you will be offering. Webinars attract attention and make people aware of what you are doing. There are many types of Webinars:

  • informing your audience about your services or promote your products
  • presenting a paid webinar where your content is offered as an online class or course.
  • provide training to your team
  • organise a live demonstration

The webinar can be interactive (although on occasion, I have found you can experience some sound feedback issues) or present it using Powerpoint slides and with the attendees muted but with the option to write their questions for answering.

The recording of the webinar can be sent out to your attendees and can also be re-delivered in the form of video, audio and slides in the future.

It is possible to communicate with any number of people at the same time.

If you are demonstrating and selling a product, you will find people are much happier to spend money with someone they know, like and trust. So presenting your webinar is only going to improve your sales figures and you are able to promote and answer any questions that your audience may have about your product.

Another advantage of holding webinars is growing your audience and the ever valuable contact list.

If your appetite has been whetted, do contact me for a free consultation in regard to setting up your own webinar,


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